Pregnancy Checks

Our veterinarians deeply understand reproductive health in large animals, ensuring the highest level of care.

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Pregnancy Checks in Byron, NY: Ensuring the Future of Your Herd

At Pumpkin Hill Veterinary Clinic, we understand that the future of your herd is paramount. Our pregnancy checks for large animals in Byron, NY, are designed to provide the assurance and information you need to plan for a successful breeding season and herd growth. Pregnancy checks provide an opportunity to assess the overall health of your animals and detect any potential issues.

Benefits of Our Pregnancy Checks


Our experienced veterinarians specialize in large animal reproductive health, ensuring accurate and reliable pregnancy checks.

State-of-the-Art Technology:

We utilize advanced ultrasound technology for early and accurate pregnancy detection.

Tailored Solutions:

Our pregnancy checks are customized to the unique needs of your herd, whether it’s cattle, goats, sheep, or horses.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing your herd’s pregnancy status provides peace of mind and allows for effective herd management.

Pregnancy Checks: Safeguarding Your Herd’s Future with Precision and Care

Choose Pumpkin Hill Veterinary Clinic for pregnancy checks and ensure the future of your large animal herd. Contact us today to schedule your herd’s pregnancy check appointment and experience the Pumpkin Hill difference.